Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Introduction and Reasoning behind this Blog

Like many families in Ontario, when I was growing up summer was a time for camping. My mother, Marg Fidler and my father, Howie would load up the Starcraft (still love that name) and we would visit as many of the provincial campgrounds as my father's holiday schedule would allow.  I can remember going to Killbear Provincial Park, Sauble Falls Provincial Park and hiking along the Bruce trail from Cyprus Campground, now Bruce Peninsula National Park.  My memories of those times are mainly about swimming and hiking and picking wild blueberries.

A family that wears short shorts together stays cool together.
(from left to right, Robert, Brent, Howie, and Derek Fidler)

Now, I'm married and luckily enough my wife Beverley loves camping too.  Three years ago, I thought it would be good fun to try to see all the Ontario Provincial Campsites in 10 years.  I know what many of you must be thinking... Good Luck!  After doing a little research I found out that there are 107 operating parks in Ontario and unless I was a teacher and had my summers off I was doomed to fail.  Well lucky for me I am qualified as a teacher -- now if I could only get a job in my field...  So as a part time bartender, part time farmer, and part time writer/performer I embark on this quest.

I have as much chance of catching that seagull as seeing all the Provincial Parks in 10 years.

Now I know it's about as much fun watching vacation slides with your Grandparents as it is hearing about someone else's camping trips so I have created a criteria for evaluating all the Provincial Parks and I will be giving you advice on which sites are the best at each of the parks.  If nothing else; if you are reading this you will hear about some of the favourite and least favourite provincial parks Ontario has to offer.  So buckle up and here goes nothing.

Hang on for dear life!

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