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Come Buy the Point Farms Provincial Park

I figure just for shiggles I'd write this Blog as an ode to Charlie Farquharson.
Point on the Farms. By Robert C Fidler

We woke with the roosters the day we were leaving Inverhuron.  Had a cup of the black stuff and hit the road, rubber side down.  Now the two parks are only 'bout 50 some odd clicks apart so we took the winedy trail closest to the water to get there.  Some people got alot of money stashed along the coast of Huron in the way of cottages and boats and maybe just stashes, but we's was more interested in the water.  Took us to 'bout time for lunch and a nap to get there and right outside Point Farms is a mini-golf -- can't wait.

Well we done go into the park and the oddest thing -- they don't sell burning wood, heck they don't sell lighting wood neither.  They also don't sell ice and I think that dog don't hunt.  Guess who does -- the mini-golf.  So back out we go to get some wood and ice then finally to our site.  We choose a good one, maybe the best one; number 188.  It was big and private, but it did have a downfall -- the fire pit was under the power lines.  Way back in school they used to joke 'bout people living under the power lines glowing like a firefly, but I figured if it was just for a couple of days maybe I just get a glowing personality.  Here's what she looks like.

Getting into some lunch before setting up temporary shelters.
The reason why it be called Point Farms, is dumb simple, it used to be farms.  The government bought them up and opened up the provincial park back in '65.  Once we set up, Bev and I went for a hike then down to the beach.  The beach be something pretty like Inverhuron and a similar hike to get to her, but well worth it.  Take a gander.

There's my gal behind the magical picnic table.  Beach volleyball be included in the deal.
Far as the hikes go there's a few that circle 'round the campground, so I'll do her clockwise and try to be clear.  Ravine Trail (12 min.) from the beach to the group camping road, travels along this little crick where tonnes of birds and other vermin hang out.  Government couldn't kick 'em off the farm.

Grosbeak checking us out.  Figure it must be Germans who named this bird cause I think the beak is not bad looking.
From there you catch the Old Farm Trail (1hr); goes by the ole barn, the grazing fields, orchards, and marsh that used to make up the old farms.  Again flocks of birds, but also different wild apple and pear trees, no vermin (that we saw), butterflies, and a bunch of Carolinian forest varieties.  An easy hike, but good for the britches and a great deal to look at.  Like this.

This ole farm it ain't what it use to be, ain't what it use to be, ain't what it use to be. 

At the end of this one is another called Below the Bluff Trail (8 min.) which takes you just inside the forest, below the bluff, but not yet in the sand dunes. The only real good reason for this trail is to join the other two or if you hate beaches.

"Look the beach gone and ate that picnic table Martha.  Let's go home. I hate beaches."
Sites there be good and bad, the good ones are in Huron #93 and 99 and in Colborne #167, 168, 178, 184, and 188.  All in all this is a good campground 'cause of the beach, but similar to Inverhuron just without the Nuclear Power Plant beside it.  Yeah?

Site Cleanliness:  The rangers did a good job of cleaning it for the start of the season.

Privacy:  Good is good.  Bad is not good.  Lots of not good because it's in a hardwood bush (but it's better than some others).

Hiking and Activities:  There is a ball diamond, thought that was kind of cool.  The hiking is good and bird watching amazing.

Park Class:  I've got to guess this is Historical like the last for the same reasons as the last and I am ... wrong.  Recreational class and I get it because there was much more to do here then at Inverhuron.

Beach Quality or Ease of Getting to the Water:  Not great.  While being on top of a Bluff has it's advantages (less wind, beautiful view, the chance to write bluff) it still took at least 15 minutes to get down the 20 meters to the beach.

Recommended Length of Stay:  I would say easily 3 days; every day you would want some beach time, one could do a small hike every day, mini-golf, and there is a great deal of nature to check out.

Overall Impression:  Bev and I did enjoy our stay at Point Farms.  We spent many hours in the water, couple hours hiking, and we did play mini-golf, which she let me win.  It's a good park, like Inverhuron, but because there are not a lot of totally private sites, and it's a hike to the beach it has to be ranked accordingly.

Rating out of 107:  Just a smidge better than Inverhuron, let's say by 3, so #53 she be.  

Again if you're keeping track:
#2 Algonquin
#3 Quetico
#19 Sandbanks
#21 Neys
#22 Wakami Lake
#23 Nagagamisis
#29 Pancake Bay
#33 Chutes
#53 Point Farms
#56 Inverhuron
#93 Rainbow Falls
#101 Turkey Point

First mushroom of the season.  Bondarzewia Berkeleyi (inedible).

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