Thursday, May 22, 2014

Prelude to this Season of Blogging

I feel like I have a lot to explain, and not just about the picture below -- so last year I found out the province closed down 7 provincial parks.

This Quest of doing 107 parks in 10 years just got easier.

I don't know how long they were closed for (because we are going to one of them on June 21st), but the province was looking for help from neighbouring communities to keep the parks running.  It seems, after a little research, that Caliper Lake PP, Mississagi PP, and Tidewater PP have reopened in partnerships with the MNR and the closest towns. however, say goodbye to Greenwater, Obatanga, Springwater, and The Shoals.  I've found out you can still enter these parks free of charge but they are not being maintained and parking is very limited since the front gates are closed and locked.  Therefore my Blog is now about 103 provincial parks in 10 years and the ranking numbers will have to change.

Robert Fidler happy for two reasons; His quest is four parks easier and he loves his new/old clothes.

Second, the outfit.  Last year my last grandparent passed away, and before you get all teary on me, they all had big, far-reaching, and long lives and I was lucky to know them for as long as I did.  Last Christmas, presents were being exchanged of some of the belongings of my Whale grandparents and at least part of, if not the whole family, thought I would enjoy Elwin's summer relaxing outfit.  I told them I would wear it at least once on every camping trip this year and I am a man of my word.  So that completely explains that.

Sandhill crane from last September's trip.  Beautiful weird bird.

 Lastly, after camping in the early part of last year I realized I needed a new hobby because there were no mushrooms to find until late summer. As well as the outfit, I also inherited a pair of binoculars (which I forgot the first trip of the season) and a bird book. So with each blog will come, I hope, at least one picture of a bird I saw on my trip.  Well, I hope you're ready because Silent Lake is coming right up.

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