Friday, April 17, 2015

Previously on Blogging with Robert Fidler

When we last left our heroes they were being chased by a crazed Samurai, every second weekend through the provincial parks of Ontario.
"I want sushi!"
  Our heroes had just learned some hard truths about their ten year experiment to see every Ontario provincial park.
I learned how to use my gizmo to take the best "selfies" ever and...
Eight (parks) times ten (years) is only eighty, not 103, no matter what calculator you use (even the ever optimistic Fidler calculator).

I thought I'd look like this forever. Damn Fidler Caculator.
 So after four years of adventures, and our defeat of the two headed turtle,

I'll get you Rob and Bev!
We have decided to add four more years to our time limit (just like a two term president) thus attempting to see every provincial park in Ontario in merely 14 years.

Then I'll be King of the Ontario provincial parks!
Beverley and I will also be applying for the Woods™Dream Job to travel the entire summer hiking, canoeing and camping on the Trans Canada Trail.

We will see this again, hopefully in better weather.
Wish us luck.  Or even better contact Woods™ and tell them why you think we would do the best job at  This is a new year and I will endeavour to entertain, inform, and have a unmitigated blast doing it.  So let the Blog begin…

"Until that day my friends, until that day…"

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